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Pomotional Products - The Most Effective Advertising option?  

A simple question all marketing executives should be asking themselves prior to each campaign, is simply, what is the smartest and most cost effective advertising medium to help me reach my goal? Once you're comfortable with the answer you can work out the finer details. The promotional products industry has consistently claimed, their medium, custom printed marketing products, is the answer. This of course is dependent on the audience you're trying to reach. If your product needs to engage the masses, like toilet paper, beer, bananas or any other generic item, then there's no question promotional products are NOT the answer, as the cost per item, or cost per impression (the criteria the advertising industry uses when gauging effectiveness) is excessive. On the flipside, if you're trying to reach a smaller targeted audience, then serious consideration should be given to promotional products. These smaller targeted audiences have much clearer common interests, which allows a marketer to zero in on what's important to them, and can therefore align their advertising to match. Compelling new evidence from ASI (The Advertising Specialty Institute) does indeed back this up. In a recent survey conducted from July through September 2012, close to 5,000 consumers in 12 cities (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia, London and Paris) were polled. Each respondent was asked an extensive set of questions to determine both the popularity and effectiveness of the promotional products they had received. The overall results were very positive with the final conclusion espousing that...

A / Most recipients of Promotonal Products keep them.

B/ Most recipients of Promotional Products remember the business name of the company that sent them.

C/ Most said they are MORE LIKELY to do business with them.

We, of course, take this a step further, believing that sending your message via environmentally friendly promotional products increases the power of your message. Your recipients will take comfort in the fact you've made a responsible corporate choice!

Otherwise, see below for a catchy video related to the survey and the link at the bottom for the full detailed report.

2012 Promotional Products Study on Product Popularity and Effectiveness



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