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My Stainless Steel Bottle Is Stained!  

So you’ve had your new custom printed stainless steel water bottle for a month now and you’ve just noticed what looks like RUST within licking distance of your lips. OMG! How long has it been there? And how long before they’re rushing me on a gurney to the Operating Room?  You’re finally doing your bit to help the environment, purchasing eco promotional products that are a little less harmful, and this is how you're rewarded!  Not to mention you’ve just bought a thousand of these things, decorated with your company’s logo, and distributed them to suppliers, employees and heaven forbid your prized customers. What to do, what to do?

First of all relax, and take stock of the situation. Stainless steel, while highly resistant to rust, can actually rust. In many cases what you think is rust is a mark, or heat mark, left from the electro-polishing process during manufacturing. There is no harm whatsoever, other than the aesthetic beauty of your bottle has a little added character.

Secondly, determine what grade of stainless steel your bottles are manufactured from. Some are more corrosive than others, although the vast majority sold are food grade and highly resistant to rust. The better bottles are typically an 18/8 grade or 18/10. The 18 being the percentage of chromium, and the 8 and 10 being the percentage of nickel. Some inferior grades substitute manganese for nickel causing them to be more corrosive, and more likely to rust.

Otherwise, regardless of the grade, all of them can rust from time to time depending on how you treat them. The main rust inducing culprits include leaving water in your bottle for prolonged periods without allowing the bottle to dry and leaving acidic beverages or juices in the bottle for extended periods.

Lastly, besides switching to glass water bottles, there are remedies to remove the rust spots but it does take a little time and effort. I’ll save that for another post!


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