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Over 30% of the pesticides polluting the world today are used in cotton farming. By simply choosing an organic cotton t-shirt, you are helping to change this reality.
Bamboo fabric is ultra-soft, light-weight and hypoallergenic. The bamboo plant is highly sustainable and naturally pest resistant. A Bamboo t-shirt is a great eco friendly alternative to a typical promotional t-shirt
Traditional practices in cotton farming use over 250 gallons of water to grow enough cotton for ONE custom t-shirt
Each year billions of used batteries are thrown away in the United States. This constitutes 88% of the mercury and 54% of the cadmium deposited into our landfills. Solar powered promotional products negate the need for batteries
By turning the heat up on your thermostat by just one degree, you add 8% to your monthly heating bills; two degrees creates enough CO2 in a year to fill a hot air balloon!

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