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Over 30% of the pesticides polluting the world today are used in cotton farming. By simply choosing Organic Cotton, you are helping to change this reality.
Bamboo fabric is ultra-soft, light-weight and hypoallergenic. The bamboo plant is highly sustainable and naturally pest resistant.
Traditional practices in cotton farming use over 250 gallons of water to grow enough cotton for ONE t-shirt
Each year billions of used batteries are thrown away in the United States. This constitutes 88% of the mercury and 54% of the cadmium deposited into our landfills
By turning the heat up on your thermostat by just one degree, you add 8% to your monthly heating bills; two degrees creates enough CO² in a year to fill a hot air balloon!

Eco Carbon

Activated carbon, derived from coconut shells or nano bamboo particles are embedded into fiber and yarns to enhance the performance of the fabric. Eco-carbon knits naturally trap odour, moisture, heat and U.V. in the activated carbon pore structure. It also replaces the need for any topical chemical treatment to eliminate odour. Odour molecules are released and the carbon is renewed when you wash and dry your garments. Clothing made with eco-carbon can be seen when turning the shirt inside out... the carbon and inside of the shirt will have a charcoal colour.

No environmentally harmful chemicals are applied to clothing with eco-carbon.


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